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VR App Developement

VR App Development

With the release of major VR headsets Virtual Reality’s potential in entertainment and science has been finally uncovered. And the labor behind hundreds of constantly emerging projects falls on shoulders of VR developer. This is a new breed of programmers of high demand. How to hire VR developer is a teaser that hasn’t been fully solved yet. But let’s try.

A good virtual reality developer has to possess a certain set skills. Entrepreneurs & businesses seeking to hire VR developer should find a combination of:
a) software programming,
b) 3D design skills,
c) video/sound production skills,
d) game development,
e) UI/UX. In other words, just being able to create 3D environments is not enough. VR developer often has to come up with brand new ideas.

VR App Development

Reality apps grant extensive opportunities in any kind of industry there is. ThinkMobiles VR development team has already created apps for the following purposes:

1. Virtual Reality training programs are changing the approach to educational process. Students can explore complex objects, like a human body in anatomy class.
2. Merchants are eager to engage customers in any possible way, and VR is a brand new and popular tool right now, making products fascinating and desirable.
3. Real Estate: to see what your home will look like, even before it is even built, or visit a property on sale without leaving home via stunning 360-degree virtual tours.
4. With VR headsets people all around the world can take virtual tours to any country, visit museums, parks, or climb the highest mountain without any risks.