Salesforce is a best Customer relationship management software program that enables small business, medium and large businesses to track, analysis their companies sales and strategies over a particular period of time.  PreCloud Technologies is a leading saleforce training institute in pune.
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Salesforce Syllabus
What is Cloud computing ?
What is CRM ?
What is Salesforce ?
Different types of clouds in sales force
Sales force sale process
Data Modeling in salesforce (object, fields & relationships)
Advanced formula fields
Validation Rules
Salesforce Automation tools (Workflow, process builder, approval process)
Apex basic
– Primitive, non promitive data types and it’s usage
– Class, Object, sObject, wrapper class
– Object oriented implementaion in Apex
– Collection in apex (List,Set,Map)
Visualforce basic
– Different types of tags and how to use it
– Standard controller with example
– Custom Controller with example
– Extension controller with example
– Use of wrapper class in visualforce page
Apex Advanced
– Apex Callout (call third party API from apex)
– Apex triggers
– Batch class